Hire a Show For Your Venue

If you want to book tickets for a show, check out the Performance Schedule. If you are a venue looking to hire a show, you are in the right place.

Which show would you like to hire?

Show ideas

Classic Theatre Style

Sell tickets in return for a show. Simple.

If you do not want to handle the ticketing yourself, local theatres are often happy to provide this service for a fee. They can often also help with publicity.

For example: We recently visited Great Bromley Village Hall. They sold tickets through the Mercury Theatre ticketing system for £12.

Basic food and a Show

Sell tickets in return for a bowl of curry and a show.

We recently performed at The Three Tuns in Fen Drayton. They sold 50 tickets at £15 each which included a Curry and the Show: Three Men in a Boat (By One Man in a Boater) performed outside in the pub garden.

Three course meal and a show

Exactly what it sounds like. Great for hotels, restaurants and pubs or venues with dining facilities.

Why not try like Needham House Hotel? £46.00 tickets including a three course meal and show. This is slightly more complicated as we need to work the entertainment around the food, but easy to coordinate! When in doubt, talk to us.